Features and Functions
  • info_outlineWhat league formats does BullseyeTracker support?
    BullseyeTracker supports two League formats:
    • Leagues with multiple teams/divisions using a home v. away match format
    • Club leagues which have a single "team"

    For matches, BullseyeTracker currently supports formats which follow a typical bullseye format. During a match each course of fire consists of slow, timed, and rapid segments where Xs are scored for timed and rapid only. The best scores from a team count towards that team's match total.

    Each League can configure:
    • League and division officers
    • Team captains
    • The teams that participate in each season and division
    • The number of courses of fire shot at each match
      • Each course of fire has slow, timed, and rapid fire components
      • E.g. In a match with three courses of fire, each shooter should fire three rounds of slow fire, three rounds of timed fire, and three rounds of rapid fire
    • Whether Handicaps will be used, and how they will factor into scores
    • The number of shooters that "make the team" at each match
    • etc...

    Additionally, each of the traits above can be configured for each season/division separately -- e.g. In one season, Division A might have a single course of fire while Division B has two. In the next season this can be changed freely.

    Currently BullseyeTracker does not support match formats which involve more than two teams, or match formats which do not involve teams at all.
  • info_outlineWhat does BullseyeTracker provide to League Officers?
    BullseyeTracker automatically calculates final match scores, weekly team and individual standings, as well as identifies personal "bests" that week for league shooters.

    Additionally, if your league uses handicaps, BullseyeTracker will automatically calculate new handicaps for each shooter in the league when the League Officer elects to do so (creating handicap schedules is on our roadmap - e.g. once every 5 matches, on given dates, etc)

    Is there something BullseyeTracker's missing? Let your Team Captain or League Officer know, and they'll pass it on!
  • info_outlineWhat does BullseyeTracker Provide to Team Captains?
    For team captains the days of messy, hand written score sheets are gone. Team captains are able to record match scores directly into BullseyeTracker at the match. Once all scores are recorded, BullseyeTracker will automatically calculate the results and each captain will electronically sign (with either a computer mouse, or their finger on a tablet or mobile device) that they agree to the recorded results.

    Once both captains (home and away) have signed, they will have the ability to "lock" the match. Once a match is locked, no changes can be made and only a division officer or league officer has the ability to unlock it. Once a match is locked, any user will be able to export the match results as a PDF marked with each captain's signature (the pdf mimics a traditional score sheet). If an officer does unlock a match, both captains must re-sign in order for it to be locked again. This ensures the integrity of the scores.

    Is there something BullseyeTracker's missing? Let your Team Captain or League Officer know, and they'll pass it on!
  • info_outlineWhat does BullseyeTracker provide to Shooters?
    On a team:
    • A quick view of to the next three matches you have coming up, the address, and contact details (no more getting lost on the way)
    • A quick view of your last three scores, the match results, and whether you "made the team"
    • Full access to the scores and statistics across the entire league (in real time as they're calculated)
    • Individual dashboard reports which show your progress for each team you shoot on
    • Complete shooting history across multiple seasons
    • Ability to schedule and coordinate practices with your teams (and view who's coming)
    • Coming soon: track your alibis and which equipment you're using

    Off a team:
    • Ability to log practice scores from your phone at the club
    • Dashboard reports which show your progress in practice over time (total score over time, as well your slow, timed, and rapid fire scores over time)
    • Coming soon: track your alibis and which equipment you're using

    Is there something BullseyeTracker's missing? Let your Team Captain or League Officer know, and they'll pass it on!
  • info_outlineHow does BullseyeTracker ensure the integrity of match scores?
    • First, individual shooters' totals are tallied automatically by BullseyeTracker, eliminating the potential for human math errors.
    • Second, once all scores are recorded BullseyeTracker automatically identifies the top shooters on each team and tallies the team scores to determine a winner. Again, eliminating the potential for human math errors.
    • Third, once the team scores are totaled and a winner has been determined, each team captain has the opportunity to review the recorded scores, and literally sign off on the the results.
    • Finally, once signatures for both captains have been captured (and only after this has happened), the captains can "lock" the match. A locked match can not be altered in any way by anyone.
      • If necessary, a division or league officer has the ability to "unlock" a match. Once this is done, both captains must re-sign the match before it can be locked again.
  • info_outlineCan I use BullseyeTracker on any device (iOS, Android, Mac, PC)?
    Yes! Since BullseyeTracker is a web application it can be accessed through the web browser on any device -- no downloads necessary. Just navigate to https://bullseyetracker.com like any other website, and Bob's your Uncle.

    Currently, more advanced features (like recording match scores) are optimized for larger screens (Tablets like iPads, Laptops, and Desktops). Refining the mobile experience is in active development and is a top priority to remove the dependency on bringing a tablet or laptop to matches.
  • info_outlineCan I use BullseyeTracker if I'm not on a bullseye team?
    Yes! -- but not yet.

    BullseyeTracker offers the ability to track your practice scores and progress independent of any bullseye team. However, we're in the early stages of launching the site and are focusing on supporting leagues right now.

    Don't want to take "not yet" for an answer? Let us know here and maybe we can work something out.
  • info_outlineI've registered, when do I get to log in?
    Thank you for registering! This is a great question.

    Currently we're being selective in choosing which leagues we work with as we scale the site. That said, we should respond to you within a day or two. If it's been longer, sorry about that! Try following up with us here and we'll get back to you ASAP.
  • info_outlineI've forgotten my password. How do I log in now?
    No worries! All you have to do is go to our password reset page and tell us the email address associated with your account. We'll email you a one-time link for you to navigate to and update your password.

    If you navigate to the web link we send and you get a page not found error, it may mean that the link has expired (they're only good for 6 hours). If that's the case, no need to worry, just follow this process again and we'll send you a new one!

    If you're still having issues logging in, reach out to us directly or through your team/league officers and we'll make sure to get you squared away.
  • info_outlineWhat about my privacy?
    Like you, I think a lot about my privacy. I've put a lot of thought into who should see what information, and, more importantly, who shouldn't! The rules I've come up with are found below:

    • Will my, my team's or my league's information be searchable or find-able through google or any other search engine?
      • No. Search engines can only index pages on BullseyeTracker which don't require user login (e.g. FAQs, News, and our Home page).
      • That means any page with team, league, or shooter information is invisible to search engines (and anyone else for that matter. see below for more...)

    • My name, email address, and phone number are on your site, who can see it?
      • Only your name and email are required (and in the case of your name, we really only need your initials. Full names help make sure people aren't mixed up on score sheets).
      • Your name is only visible to people in your league. Shooters from other Leagues have no access to details of any leagues other than their own. You can't see them, and they can't see you.
      • Your email address and phone numbers are not visible to people outside of your league. You also have complete control of who within your league can see your email address and phone number. Just navigate to your profile page and set your preferences. Currently your privacy options for each are:
        • Just team captains and league officers
        • The members of my teams, team captains, and league officers
        • Anyone in my league

    For more details, please see our privacy policy.

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