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How To Update Your League's Settings

To date all league configurations and settings have been set up by me personally. Big surprise, this isn't a scalable or time-efficient process. In order to start putting more power in the hands of the leagues, I've created a league settings page. While the configuration options available to officers are pretty straight forward now, I'll be adding more to this over the course of the season.

Limited Public League Pages

Several leagues reached out and asked if I could make a "public" page available so shooters wouldn't have to log-in to see details like the league schedule or current team standings. I had been hesitant to make information about leagues publicly accessible, but given it was requested several times I decided to give leagues the option to turn this feature on. A public league page will include: Current Team Standings for each division, Match Schedules for each division, An about page which is written by league officers, League contact details defined by league officers.

Manual Decisions and Dummy Scores

BullseyeTracker now fully supports manual match outcomes (ties and forfeits), and also provides a "Dummy Score" system for leagues which leverage that. Click through to learn more of the details and to check out some demo videos of the new functionality.

An Introduction for Team Captains and League Officers

Click through to learn about the primary features of the tool geared towards the team captains and league officers of your bullseye pistol and precision pistol leagues: Update Team Rosters, Score a Match, Reschedule a match, Calculate League and Division Handicaps.

A Guided Tour of BullseyeTracker.com

Click through to learn about how shooters in your bullseye and precision pistol league can take advantage of BullseyeTracker.com: Review Recent Match Results and upcoming matches, Check up on your progress with personalized stats and charts, Coordinate team practices, and, of course, update your privacy and contact details.

Whether you're just starting out or you're shooting a Pardini with a Feinwerkbau backup, BullseyeTracker is perfect for you and your league.