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BullseyeTracker - Now with more Handicap Controls

BulleyeTracker, the most comprehensive Precision Pistol League scoring application, has some updates for the new Bullseye Shooting season! Click through to learn about improved Handicap Management, At-A-Glance view of upcoming events (of all types - matches, practices, banquets, etc), and, of course, continued improvements to stability and reliability.

Site Update - v1.1.10 Released!

BullseyeTracker now tracks your personal bests! From Season to Season when you shoot your best score, now you'll know it automatically. Click through to read more about the capability and log in to take a look at your personal bests!

Site Update - v1.1.9 Released!

This week I've rolled out several new features and improvements. The key area of focus was scoring and match decisions, but I also introduced some flexibility for league officers in updating the league's configuration as well as the ability to provide a limited public page.

New Version, Better Experience!

In addition to a couple feature improvements and additions, This week I focused a lot on some of the aspects of the tool that have been causing folks some friction in the tool -- primarily around capturing scores on match night. Click through to get the details!

Weekly Stats New Features, and Bug Squashing - v1.1.7.2

Thanks to all the feedback this week I've did my best to make the tool easier and more reliable, I added the ability to mark scores as FRO or DNF, and also added weekly stats and rankings for each division of the league! Click through to learn the details.